About The Park

Most dogs benefit greatly, and should be brought on a regular basis to develop into a well rounded pet. 

Within minutes even the most shy dogs become part of the fun.  

Public dog parks can be dangerous. Some people are inconsiderate and don't pick up after their dogs. You and your dog are safe here and the park is clean. If you have a complaint, question, or a suggestion about anything, please let us know.  

We're Always Open

EZ Dog Park is open all year, 24/7. There are lights inside and outside the training building. If you plan to come at night bring a flashlight and maybe a light up collar. 

Park Features


Swimming Pond

Most dogs love the pond, so bring some towels!


Mowed Trails

Throughout the park we have mowed trails for you and your pup to walk.


Sand Piles

The dogs love climbing and chasing each other around the sand piles!

Indoor Agility Equipment

Come try out the agility course inside the training building!